The Dungeon Is Closed

We tried. We tried again. But in the end, it couldn’t last.

Today I’m announcing that Boss Dungeon is closing down. The website will remain as an archive, with each remaining writer having their chance to grab their work and put it up on any personal blog they might want it on. But there will be no new content.

We started in November 2012 and we worked our butts off to try and keep it alive and afloat from time to time. We’ve lost a lot of old writers, we’ve gained a lot of new friends, but it’s time to say good bye.

I hope each and every writer and content creator for Boss Dungeon goes on to continue with their work. Be it on another media website or a personal blog. You’re all wonderful, past writers as current, and I wish you all the best.

This was Boss Dungeon, where video game news came to die. Today, it’s our death that is the news.

Thank you for an amazing two and a half years.

Sincerely, Andrea Ritsu
Co-founder and editor in chief of

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