Well no shit: DriveClub: PS+ Edition won’t be the full game


I thought this was common knowledge, but apparently it had to be stated that the version of DriveClub being given to PS+ members when the PS4 comes out will not be the full version. According to Evolution Studios, the version that PS+ subscribers will be getting is essentially the same game, except with an unknown amount of cars and tracks being left out of the game. They also added that those cars and tracks that will ultimately be taken out of the game can be purchased through DLC. Other than that, nothing else is being taken out.

Really, I have no problem with this. It’s understandable that Sony would want to make some money off of essentially giving away one of their flagship launch titles, and the way they did it doesn’t seem to be scumbagish. Plus, DriveClub is not the only thing being give to PS+ subscribers at launch, with Don’t Starve, Outlast, and Secret Ponchos being added to the Instant Game Collection as well. To me, this seems like an adequate solution to the problem. It’s also worth considering that it’s just cool of Sony to give away one of their launch titles for the PS4 as soon as it launches. I highly doubt that certain other console manufacturers would do the same.

Source: Destructoid

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