Third Time’s a Charm: “Tiny Brains” Hitting PS4 December 3rd, Part of PlayStation Plus

Spearhead Games’ co-op puzzler Tiny Brains seems to like playing musical chairs with release dates. After missing the PlayStation 4’s launch day and then setting a November 26th release, a post on the PlayStation Blog is confirming a new release date of December 3rd.

The reason for the delay might actually be worth celebration for PlayStation Plus members, though, as the title will be featured on the service when it launches. Simon Darveau, co-founder of Spearhead Games, called it an “opportunity we couldn’t pass up!” The post doesn’t specify whether Tiny Brains will receive a PlayStation Plus discount or whether it will be free as part of the Instant Game Collection, but given Sony’s indie focus with the PlayStation 4, it could very well be the latter.

Join us next week when we’ll report a December 10th release for Tiny Brains.

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