The Diary of Ajdnnw – Week One: Day 4-7

Day 4-7 Crystal BannerThe Diary of Ajdnnw is my first-person retelling of Twitch Plays Pokémon‘s second game. The livestreamed multi-user controlled run of Pokémon Crystal Version . Every Sunday and Wednesday I’ll make a new diary post that will update daily until the game is finished, followed with my own out-of-character thoughts on the day.

It’ll be fun, so join in on the fun over at

Wednesday, March 5th

Sorry diary, I’m a bit late today.

I forgot to write after having fallen through an invisible floor for hours upon hours. Not joking, there was this big hole inside of a building that I had to make it across, stepping on invisible floor plates, it was hell on earth I tell you. Absolutely awful.

I started off the day quite well actually, I walked in and beat the Kimono Girls and all of their Eevee evolutions, which earned me the HM for surf. In there I even got to fight the false prophet of Dome himself, I took him out quickly.

Day4-1At last I also managed to beat Silver, that was good. But I didn’t manage to make too much progress today overall. I caught a Zubat, currently residing inside the PC. I also caught a Ratticate which I’ve named ABBBDDDDDD, or Abed for short. She’s cute, I like her. Unfortunately, Colonel N is no longer with us.

Eventually I made my way across the floor and defeated Morty, which earner me the Fog badge. I wish I could claim to have done more than that, but I can’t. I’m a failure today. Sorry diary.

I’m not even going to bother calling mom.

The floor. The Elite Floor… Not even democracy made it easy to beat, I honestly missed when we finally passed it, I think it took us at least six hours. Not much happened today, understandable given the floor.

Thursday, March 6th

I’ll keep it short today diary, because I’m mourning.

While I defeated Chuck and Jasmine, gaining me two wonderful new badges and a new Schuckle named Shuckie, something far more depressing happened today.

Today I lost two of my pokémon to the hands of fate at the PC. Prince Omelette and and Wooper Goldberg are both forever gone now. I miss them already, but what is done is done and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Day5-1At least I’m making progress in my Pokédex, I make sure to check it a lot. I’ve seen 93 different pokémon now, that’s almost a hundred. I also forgot to mention yesterday that Lazorgator has evolved into a Feraligatr. He’s more terrifying and majestic than ever.

Right now I’m heading towards Mahogany Town. I hope to make it there safe and sound soon.

I should call Joey, see you tomorrow diary.

I’m always sad to see pokémon leave, the count is now up to four. It’s sure to expand over the coming days. Never forget Bloody Sunday of the first Twitch Plays Pokémon.

Update – March 9th

Due to sudden changes in my daily schedule, I no longer have the time or energy to make daily entries in this, which is why it’s not been updated for a few days. I had a lot of fun working on The Diary of Ajdnnw and if I could then I would continue. But as it stands, this is the end of my chronicle of the journey. Thank you for reading.

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