The Diary of Ajdnnw – Week One: Day 1-3

Day 1-3 Crystal BannerThe Diary of Ajdnnw is my first-person retelling of Twitch Plays Pokémon‘s second game. The livestreamed multi-user controlled run of Pokémon Crystal Version . Every Sunday and Wednesday I’ll make a new diary post that will update daily until the game is finished, followed with my own out-of-character thoughts on the day.

It’ll be fun, so join in on the fun over at

Sunday, March 2nd

Dear diary.

I woke up in an hour of our Lord Helix, my thoughts in shambles. I had a dream, a dream about myself. A question popped into my head, asking me who I truly was. Was I a boy or a girl? What was my name? Am I having some sort of awakening to my own identity? Probably not, probably just a dream. My name is Ajdnnw, that’s the name I was given and the name I shall always carry with me. Even though my friends call me AJ.

Today wasn’t just any other day, today was the day I was finally going to get my first pokémon. I got out of bed and slowly stumbled my way towards the stairs. I walked down each step, only to find myself feeling strange. Like I didn’t know where I was going. It scared me, and I ran back up the stairs to my room again. After a few attempts of trying to walk down, only to find myself returning, I walked around the space of my room for a few minutes. Looking at my dusty old CRT television and the map of Johto, our home-region, that was hanging on my wall. Finally, I swallowed my courage and stepped down.

Day1-1My mom was waiting for me at the kitchen table, she seemed confused. She handed me a PokéGear and started asking questions about what day it was, what the time was and even whether or not we’d passed into daylight savings time. I hope mom hasn’t been drinking all night, then again, given my own messed up entangled brain at that moment maybe I was just looking at things the wrong way. Either way, I left my house and made my way to the lab next door.

The professor met up with me and started talking about some research project that I didn’t really pay much attention to. I walked over to the three pokéballs on the counter and reached out for the one in the middle, it had a Totodile in it. For me, the choice was clear, this was my pokémon. I didn’t need to look at the other two, Totodile was mine. As I headed out I was given a package to give to some guy called Mr. Pokémon, I can’t say I paid much attention to that either and started walking west, down to Route 29.

Children of the holy bird were flying wild in the forest around here, and it didn’t take long before they attacked. Totodile stepped in to help, his eyes glowing with something I had never seen before. Between scratching the feathers off the bird, Totodile kept weakening its body by releasing beams of red light out of his eyes. This was the Leer move, I had never seen it before. It was majestic, a move so beautiful it should be wielded by royals.

Day1-3On our path we were ambushed by other pokémon, but we kept on running. Totodile fired his eye-beams with perfect precision every time and soon he had grown stronger than ever before. But it wasn’t meant to last, just about half an hour on our path Totodile fell from his wounds. I rushed back home to mom and had her look at him. Totodile rested, but it was clear that even royalty needs an army to fight with. I’m going to have to expand my team, I’ll need to get more pokémon.

And so, a minute of Dome struck, my mind was clear. I would head to Cherrygrove City. There I would deliver the professor’s package, get myself some pokéballs and start building my army to follow my king. Totodile, I hereby dub you King Lazergator Leer, may you lead strongly and I shall forever remain by your side. Why King Leer? I don’t know, it just popped into my head. That’s how I make a lot of decisions lately.

I should probably call mom, see you tomorrow diary.

Due to this being the very first day, I basically only chronicled the first hour as it happened live. I wanted this to be the starting sprint. I will cover the rest of the first day as tomorrow’s post happens, it’ll all be told in the way the first hour of the game was told up there, though in less detail to not make this thousands of words long for each day.

I really did like this first hour, the new democracy and anarchy system (democracy activating every hour and requiring one anarchy command win to be deactivated) is interesting and will be fun to experience over the coming days. I also love how colourful the game is, it’s a thing of beauty.

So far so good, hail King Leer and praise Lord Helix.

Monday, March 3rd

Dear diary.

My feet hurt a lot lately, not from walking, but rather from the huge amount of ledges I seem to be tripping down lately. I’ve become rather good at landing on my feet as I land, but the fact that I have no skills when it comes to climbing makes for a rather sour situation. There are so many routes around here diary, I can hardly keep track of the numbers. I spent hours on route 32 when I meant to be on route 36. … Or was it the other way around? I don’t remember.

I’ve caught a few more pokémon so King Lazergator Leer won’t need to be alone any more. I caught one of the holy children, a Pidgey, I didn’t formally give it a name but it’s taken a liking to the name Brian. Then there’s Admiral ADiiiiihhh, or Admiral for short, he’s a Sentret. Then there’s the little lovebug herself, OXXOZZ -:, she’s a Caterpie. Her full name is Oxxy Ozzworm. The last pokémon I caught was a Wooper, he’s called Goldberg. They’re a good team.

Day2-3But there’s one more pokémon in the team that I’ve not mentioned. After I delivered professor Elm’s package I received an egg. After walking in circles for a few hours around route 32 it suddenly hatched and I was greeted by the cutest little thing. Prince Omelette is his name and he’s our sixth member of the party. I think Lazergator is happy about the team, he keeps glowing with what I assume is happiness, so I pet him until he stops glowing every time.

But there’s more diary, I actually won two badges so far. In just my first twentyfour hours I managed to beat gym leader Falkner and gym leader Bugsy. I obtained the Zephyr badge and the Hive badge. I’m so proud of myself, I did not think I’d be able to get two badges in one day. Though, speaking of trainer battles, I’ve had a few interesting encounters with trainers as well.

First of all, there’s Joey, he’s a youngster. Him and I have been calling each other ever since we met. Well, I say we, it’s been him calling me and I can’t say I’ve listened too much to what he has to say. I just sort of rush my way through our conversations. But then there’s this mysterious man called Silver. He stole one of professor Elm’s pokémon and challenged me to a duel. I met him again in Azalea City, he seems to be making a habit of challenging me.

Day2-2Oh yeah! I also found something really cool. There’s this place called the Ruins of Alph, in there I found caves full of murals and stuff with ancient pokémon on them. I spent a good while walking around there, it was pretty exciting to be honest. Right now I’m making my way to Goldenrod City, though a voice in my head has been yelling at me about teaching one of my pokémon to cut. Whatever that means.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at my Pokédex too, I’ve now seen 31 different pokémon on my journey., I can’t wait to see how many others I will see. By the way, there’s a lot of Slowpoke around here. Weird.

I should probably call mom, see you tomorrow diary.

Oh boy, these first 24 hours were special. The constant denial of letting Lazergator evolve has become something of a ritual whenever that experience bar fills up in a battle, maybe Lazergator will stay Totodile for all of the game? Who knows?

I was honestly surprised we managed to get two badges in only a day’s time. I take that as a bad omen meaning there’ll be a day without badges to come, because things never go this well in Twitch Plays Pokémon. They just don’t. Still, Pokémon Crystal Version is showing to be a lot of fun, can’t wait for tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 4th

Dear diary.

I have some terrible news. I’ve lost a friend and a companion. Admiral VV Adiiiiihhh was released into the wild early this morning. May Helix rest his soul. Admiral had gained the new name VV shortly before he passed on and I think he liked the name a lot. It’s with sadness that I continue my journey. Admiral, I salute you. May you cut your way into the afterlife with precision.

Though it’s not all bad times around here, I’ve caught a few new pokémon as well. I managed to get my hands on two Hoothoot, one male and one female, both called Hoothoot. I caught a beautiful little Smoochum, we call her Duke Smoochum and finally I caught our wonderful Colonel N. Colonel N, formal designation :n, is a Drowzee and has been very good on our journey.

Day3-2I got my hands on a male Eevee as well, he’s quite cute. Lastly, I caught a Koffing named Wwweee, he goes by the name of Weezus. Lazergator doesn’t use leer any more he just has a really scary face, but he managed to properly evolve into a Croconaw, he has somewhat adapted a seconary title with Democronaw now as well.

I passed by the Daycare Center which was run by a nice old couple, I left my male Hoothoot and Brian with them. For a short while I thought we had lost Brian to the wild as well, but it was just my mind playing tricks on me. Since I want him to grow strong safely, I figured this was the place to put him. I’ve actually seen 61 pokémon now, which is really cool.

Joey is still calling a bunch and so is Wade, a bug catcher I met. They’re all quite friendly, unlike this schoolboy named Jack. Jack just called me up to tell me he’s smarter than me, something I can’t say I appreciate. Speaking of unpleasant people, I battled Silver again. I didn’t really win. I lost… twice. I ran back to the Pokémon Center to heal my pokémon, I’ll get my revenge.

Day3-1Right now I’m stuck in this place called the Burnt Tower, it’s filled with fire type pokémon, which means Democronaw makes short use of them. Oh yeah diary, I almost forgot. I also beat gym leader Whitney, so I now have the Plain badge. I am truly becoming a pokémon master. Now I just need to get my revenge on Silver, noone takes down AJ and live to tell the tale.

I should probably call mom, see you tomo– Hold on!

Oh my god, Oxxy Ozzworm the Love Bug just evolved into a Metapod! I’m so proud of her! I think I’m in tears at this wonderful look at life.

See you tomorrow diary.

Well, I sure was wrong. We managed to get another badge, which is quite amazing. We also managed to release Sentret, which is less amazing. We knew these things would happen, just like they did in the first run of Twitch Plays Pokémon. But I didn’t expect it this soon and I didn’t expect us to once again release our pokémon carrying cut. That should not become a habit.

The stream died for a bit as the person running it all had some problem. We even managed to see parts of his own desktop for a second I believe, so that was exciting. It was also confirmed that we’re playing a rom-hack of the game that allows for every pokémon to be caught or traded with NPC’s. Safari Zone is also brought back into the game, originally taken out due to time constraints. As for whether or not RED in the second part of the game has been hacked to have all of our pokémon from the first run is still up in the air.

To Be Continued…

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