The BD Firesides Episode 3: Final Fantasy


BD’s own Gregory Edwards and DJ Hansen have gone off the deep end. They’ve decided to round up a bunch of gamers and chat about different series and developers as a whole! Join them biweekly as they discuss, dissect, and debate their favorite series to death!

In the third episode of The BD Firesides, Greg and DJ are once again joined by Michael Carey to discuss the Final Fantasy franchise. Memories are stirred up and everyone gets in the mood to replay at least one game in the franchise as it gets both lavished with praise and harshly lambasted.

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My first experience with Final Fantasy was FF8 on my cousins PS1, I played it in a summer vacation but as you can imagine I never beat it that time. Later I got FF7 and 8 on my pc, because I had no console and decided to play FF7 first because it was before 8 or something. And I loved it so much. It’s my favorite so far. And after beating it I started playing FF8 and never beat because something happened that I don’t really recall what.

A year or so later I decided to tackle it again and again did not finish and close to end I might add, almost at the last disc.
After that I lost my saves and tried to play it again and I was already tired of it, so I never played it again. And I will eventually go back to 8, don’t know when but I have many fond memories of that game.

Last year I decided to start and play every main Final Fantasy game, except for 11 and 15 which are online and I don’t really dig mmos.

I beat 1, 2 and 7 so far, I’m currently playing 3, which I stopped a few months ago because of health issues, but listening to the podcast made me want to go and finish that game and resume my quest. So thanks!

Oh, just a little side-note: FF3 is considered kinda of a sequel to the first final fantasy, the main cast are the descendant of the original warriors of light from the 1st game.

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