Tales of the Tempest fully translated for April Fools Day


I feel I have to clarify that this is a completely serious post, but the folks over at Absolute Zero Translations (responsible for the fan translations of Tales of Innocence and the PS1 version of Tales of Phantasia) have fully translated Tales of the Tempest, the game so bad Namco relegated it to spin-off status, and began to brand certain future series entries as such the same way.

So it’s renowned for being terrible, having been outsourced to Dimps, yet these guys still soldiered on for two years and brought us the game entirely in English, with a translation patch available on their site, the translators specifically mention that they haven’t fixed the game in any way so as to highlight just how bad it is.

It’s certainly not worth playing in any positive sense, but I have a morbid fascination when it comes to this game, so I’ll definitely check it out right away. Apparently the full game is only 10 hours long, so no matter how painful it is to play, it shouldn’t be too hard to get through.

Wish me luck! You can get the patch yourselves right here!

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