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The Final Battle: I’m Art. Suck it.

This episode is all about GDC and DAYTONAAAAA! So Let’s Go Away and Fly Sky High as we’re off to a Rolling Start in Episode 49! I’m Sorry.

This episode was uploaded a few days ago, but I did not have a chance to post it onto the sit until today.

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The Final Battle: All You Need Is Cars

… I don’t remember what we talked about this week because it was five days since we recorded it.


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The Final Battle: There Will Be Plenty Of Dyings

Almost nine days late, here’s a new The Final Battle episode! The crew talks about Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles and how Dementium II HD can lead to total videogame apathy. But it’s also the VIDEOGAME ARCHITECTURE SPECIAL! Hear about the hosts favourite videogame worlds and surroundings. Follow our hosts on Twitter: Tobiichi Karlsson – Tomasz Chodakowski

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Where’s The Final Battle?

You may have noticed that there’s no new episode of The Final Battle this week.

If you haven’t, well, now you know…

Oh, and here’s why.

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The Final Battle: Can We Agree On QVAKE?

In a truly lengthy episode, our three hosts talk about GaymerX2, Irrational Games closing, DOOM getting a beta and other news that interest us. Emma talks about her visit to Stockholm’s Technical Museum where they had a History of Videogames presentation, Tobiichi gets a really good long rant on LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII‘s story

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The Final Battle: Captain Maskyface’s Soft Light Rampage

In this episode of Discussing Old Stuff, Tommy and Tobiichi talk about good old games like Interstate ’76, Cannon Fodder and Pinball Dreams

Oh wait, it’s not DOS, it’s The Final Battle.

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The Final Battle: Unleash The Bears

This week we talk a lot about interactive storytelling, free-to-play disasters, flappy bird and… Bears? That’s right, this is the bear special of The Final Battle somehow. Enjoy. Follow our hosts on Twitter: Tobiichi Karlsson – Tomasz Chodakowski – Emma Karlholm Listen to us on iTunes – RSS Feed for Zune/iTunes/RSS Readers – Direct Download

The Final Battle: Never Go Full Atlus

The Final Battle returns with a whole lot of news to talk about. We talk about Nintendo’s plans for the future, Monster Hunter games going west and other Yoshinoro Ono things. We talk about the FarCry series for a good bit during out Ubisoft and Watch_Dogs segment. And… Wait, Atlus is publishing something in Europe?

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The Final Battle: Tuesday Tea at Tiffany’s

This week our lovely hosts talk about what is and isn’t censorship, try to think of ways to make the Wii U sell better, what Nintendo could possibly do on smartphones if they chose to and a whole lot of gushing about Broken Age, Yasumi Matsuno games and the possibility of a new Dragon Quest

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The Final Battle: Beyond: Two Earfs

This week on The Final Battle, the cast talks about Alien: Isolation and how much better Golden Sun is than everything else existing in the world. We also create new careers for hollywood’s finest actors in multiple games and movies.

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The Final Battle – Game of the Year: Mark Cerny; Pizza Face

After the mysterious circumstances that caused the original episode 40 to go missing, here’s The Final Battle’s Game of the Year episode.

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The Final Battle: John Carmack will model for you

On this episode of The Final Battle, Tomasz Chodakowski is drunk and sick, Emma Karlholm and Tobiichi Karlsson have both played and reviewed games that they talk about and then the hosts announce how they’ll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Doom. Hint: It’s a let’s play of the shareware version from 1993 in co-op.

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Battle X – VGX 2013 Commentary: Geoff Keighley is Nico Bellic

It’s a very special episode of The Final Battle in which the hosts tackle Spike’s VGX awards… while watching them! Unlike normal episodes of The Final Battle, Battle X is meant to be listened to as a commentary track to the actual show. That’s not to say you can’t listen to it as a regular

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The Final Battle: Five Jesuses Duct-Taped Together

This week on The Final Battle, the trio completely tears apart one of Tobiichi‘s most nostalgic games from her childhood, they talk Sega Dreamcast and Sega Saturn for a bit. Mark Cerny, the patron saint of this podcast, becomes to the topic of discussion once more as the trio starts talking about Shenmue at GDC

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The Final Battle: Just The Thought of Russia Getting Nuked

This week we talk about Metro: Last Light, Phantasy Star and the Sega Saturn. We also get on the topic of Xbox One for a little bit and talk about the big Persona event that happened this weekend. Hosting this week: Tobbii Karlsson – Tomasz Chodakowski – Emma Karlholm Listen to us on iTunes – RSS Feed

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