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Tales of Zestiria is the new PS3 Tales game! (Update: Localization)

It was teased for weeks and it’s finally here. Tales of Zestiria is announced as the upcoming Tales of game. Set to release in Japan later in 2014 for PlayStation 3, the game was announced by Hideo Baba today at the Tales of 20th Anniversary live-stream that Namco Bandai held at Nico Nico today. The

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Namco Bandai is hyping up the announcement of the Next Tales of game

The next game in the Tales Of series will soon be announced. Having been teased for months now with trademarks and things alike, Namco Bandai have now opened up a website that updates with trailers from each Tales Of entry leading up to the next title. So far we’re only on the second title, Tales

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Tales Franchise to Remain Exclusive to PS4. New Title Already Underway

The PlayStation brand has received lots of love from the developers at Tales Studios throughout the years. It seems these ties will only grow stronger as Tales producer Hideo Baba confirmed the franchise’s continued stay on the PlayStation 4. “[We] still have no plans to bring the series back to the X-Box, or X-Box One.” Hideo

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GAMEX 2013 Hands-on Preview: Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

Journeying to the world of Aselia means travelling down several different paths. Some of us go down memory lane and others face the road ahead with fresh eyes. No matter what our past experiences may be, the cult-classic RPG series returns for the Sony PlayStation 3 by combining the title Tales of Symphonia (2003) with

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Tales of Symphonia Chronicles gets US/EU release dates

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles finally has release dates outside of Japan. US fans can look forward to the game on  February 25th, 2014, while Europe and Australia will sadly have to wait 3 more days to get the game on February 28th.

The BD Firesides Episode 2: Tales

BD’s own Gregory Edwards and DJ Hansen have gone off the deep end. They’ve decided to round up a bunch of gamers and chat about different series and developers as a whole! Join them biweekly as they discuss, dissect, and debate their favorite series to death! Our hosts are joined by fellow Boss Dungeon writer

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Review: Tales of Xillia

Tales of Xillia boasts two playable protagonists, each with their own story arc to follow, and I felt it was only fitting to have two reviewers write about the game. So I brought on fellow writer Michael Carey to help me out with this one. What follows is our conversation about the game: Tales of

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Tales of Xillia 2 coming to North America and Europe in 2014

Japan Expo is going on right now, last year it was graced with the announcement of Namco Bandai’s Tales of Xillia coming to North America and Europe, which it’ll be doing in August of this year. So this year they took it to announce Tales of Xillia 2 for localization as well, the game was

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E3 2013: You know you want it, here’s another Tales of Xillia trailer

Namco released a E3 trailer for Tales of Xillia entitles “Wishes of Hope”, it’s something special alright.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles announced, releasing in early 2014

Today at the Tales of Festival, Hideo Baba announced an HD rerelease of Tales of Symphonia and Dawn of the New World for PS3 entitled “Tales of Symphonia Unisonant Pack”, due out in October in Japan. Tales games typically take a fairly long time to get brought outside of Japan, so it’s incredible to hear

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Hideo Baba trying to speed up future Tales localizations

Tales series producer Hideo Baba is currently looking into a new structure to allow for faster and easier localization of Tales titles. What this exactly entails is unclear, but if it means more Tales games for the west than there’s certainly nothing bad about it. So, how about those Vita Tales remakes? Changing your mind

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Tales of Xillia in Europe on August 9, details on Limited Edition

A few days ago we were told Tales of Xillia would land in North America on August 6th. Well today Namco has come out and confirmed a August 9th release for the highly anticipated PS3 JRPG title. The game will also come with a LImited Edition in both regions, unlike the First Day Edition that

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Tales of Xillia coming to the US on August 6th

Kotaku uncovered the North American release date for Tales of Xillia today. The game will be releasing on August 6th and I think it’s safe to say that Europe will be getting it around the same time. Tales of Xillia was released on PS3 in Japan back in 2010 and the localization has been briefly

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Tales of the Tempest fully translated for April Fools Day

I feel I have to clarify that this is a completely serious post, but the folks over at Absolute Zero Translations (responsible for the fan translations of Tales of Innocence and the PS1 version of Tales of Phantasia) have fully translated Tales of the Tempest, the game so bad Namco relegated it to spin-off status,

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April Fools: Namco Bandai unveils the next Tales flagship game!

As confirmed as of last week, Namco Bandai and Tales Studio had some news to share regarding the Tales franchise, and earlier today the news were revealed in Japan for the next flagship game in the famous JRPG-series. The game, simply titled Tales is seen as a reboot of the series set to firmly establish

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