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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 3: White Guys & Lebowski

Andrea, Adam, Tomasz, Emma, Sam and Conrad all return to the podcast for one final episode, talking about E3 as a whole and expanding previous thoughts.

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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 2: Squidporn & Sony

Andrea, Adam, Tomasz, Emma and new to BD podcasts Sam Morris talk about Sony and… Things get weird quickly. Seriously Adam… Thanks for AAA content this week. ♥

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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 1: Nintendo & Squids

Andrea, Adam and Emma talk and gush about Squids, Kirby, Yoshi and a brand new Zelda that might break some major ground. Did Nintendo finally win over some lost fans?

I guess they did.

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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 0: Microsoft & EA

Andrea, Adam, Tommy and Conrad Zimmerman of Sup, Holmes? and The Dismal Jesters fame gang up to discuss Microsoft’s offerings at E3 2014. And a little bit of EA.

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New Super Final Battle: Luigi Death Stare: Revengeance

New Super Final Battle jumps into Pre-E3 mode and… forgets to talk about E3 for half the podcast. But then we get to it and predict a bunch of stuff that probably won’t happen!

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Firmware Update 1.02: Battlefield Bobbies and Rascals

It’s countdown to E3 at Boss Dungeon and as such we take a look at some pre-E3 announcements and leaks. Battlefield Hardline and Mortal Kombat X takes the spotlight, in the sense that we use those games as excuses to complain about other stuff vaguely related.

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