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Playing With Everyone: FINAL FANTASY VII …in Jedi Academy

Follow Aerith, Yuffie and Rude as they explore Midgar and kills another Yuffie, a Pink Chocobo only to then face the final boss… Tifa Lockhart. This is the best fan made map I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing.

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Playing With Eachother: Quake 4

We once again played a game together, this time it was Quake 4‘s Free For All multiplayer!

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Playing with Eachother: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Pilot)

Playing with Eachother is a new video Let’s Play series in which writers of Boss Dungeon and hosts of the comedy podcast PodTea’d get together and play a multiplayer game. This was a pilot where we played the Capture Point mode of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

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