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New Super Final Battle: A Whole Lot of Zelda

New Super Final Battle is Boss Dungeon’s weekly videogame-ish podcast.

After a post-E3 break, Andrea and Emma disagree on A Link Between Worlds being the best thing since sliced bread in this Zelda filled episode (which was recorded before the new Sequelitis video came out, we swear) and then briefly talk about Summer Games Done Quick 2014.

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New Super Final Battle: Luigi Death Stare: Revengeance

New Super Final Battle jumps into Pre-E3 mode and… forgets to talk about E3 for half the podcast. But then we get to it and predict a bunch of stuff that probably won’t happen!

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New Super Final Battle: A Micromanagement Idol Simulator

Yo it’s your fighting friend, The Final Battle. We’ve been away for a while. But now we’re back to kick some butt in Wild Canyon!

… Told you that in time, a successor would come.

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