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To The Moon (And a Million Other Celestial Bodies): Starbound Preview

I am not that good at Starbound, but my god has it got its claws into me. Starbound is a new indie game from studio Chucklefish. It’s a PROCEDURAL SPACE SANDBOX which means it’s instantly found its way into my pants, but will it worm its way into yours, reader? (Since you’re probably way less

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An Early Christmas Gift: Starbound Hits Public Beta

December! A time for joy and togetherness around the world. It’s the fifth now, so I reckon I’m justified in listening to Christmas songs. Like this one: What Christmas is not traditionally associated with is epic freeform space adventure videogames. Luckily, Chucklefish don’t give a monkey’s about that, and saw fit to release their epic

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GREENLIGHT KLAXON: 100 More Games Coming To Steam

It’s been a few weeks, which means it’s time for Valve to hit the big red GREENLIGHT SOME STUFF button. Another 100 titles have been greenlit today, and I have only heard of two of them. The list is here. The only two I’ve heard of are Probably Archery, which is like a 3D version

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Holy Butts! You Probably Want Game Music Bundle 6

I’ve realized that I’m in a bit of a musical rut at the moment. I love the music I have on my phone, but it’s been a largely static selection for a quite a while. So Game Music Bundle 6 is coming at the perfect time for me. If you feel like shedding a dollar,

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Check out “Let’s Build a Doujin Bundle 2″ if you want some obscure Japanese games!

Visual Novels and Bullet Hell games, two very niche genres outside of Japan that don’t really get all that much attention. Well, the people over at Groupees want to change this and have now unveiled their second japan-focused indie bundle that’ll be available for eleven more days. While the list of games is expanding, currently

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I Went To Eurogamer Expo 2013 and All You Got Was This Lousy Roundup

Hello everyone! I currently feel very hungover from my visit to the UK’s premiere games con, Eurogamer Expo. I played a boatload of good games, and one that was utter shite. HERE ARE MY PREVIEWS. I also dole out worthless awards because I’m a muppet. Tenya Wanya Teens – Keita Takahashi Tenya Wanya Teens is

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Microsoft Share Some Details of Their Approach To Indies

Microsoft today announced their plans to attract indie developers to the Xbox One, with their new ID@Xbox program. Indies can start applying to be part of the program today at www.xbox.com/id. It’s currently unclear what criteria you have to meet to be eligible, but supposedly successful applicants will be sent 2 Xbox One development kits free

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Preview: Another Castle (Alpha)

If you don’t remember Another Castle, here’s the gist of what it is. It’s a platformer by Uncade set around finding things that have been taken from you, be them possessions, your girlfriend, power-ups or anything. On your journey to find these things you’ll go through a randomly generated set of worlds with randomly generated

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Middle of Nowhere is a horror game that will be coming to Kickstarter

Middle of Nowhere is an indie-developed horror game by VisionArts. The story is written by Rely on Horror‘s Editor-in-Chief Jorge Bocanegra. Now, the game itself received its first trailer (above) today, teasing the concept of the game. However, as the trailer states, it’s a low-res, low-FPS, 4:3 trailer that practically only shows off the concept of

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Project Phoenix – The first Japanese videogame Kickstarter unites talents from all around the world

If there’s one genre that seems to be the big favourite of indie-developers on Kickstarter, it’s roleplaying games. Soul Saga, Cryamore, Shroud of the Avatar, Shadowun Returns and the list goes on and on. Not that I’m complaining of course, RPGs are something I’m a big fan of and I’m happy to see more of

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Nintendo showing some indie love on the eShop with 20 games showcased at Nintendo Direct

Nintendo went out of their way to showcase 20 indie-titles from European and Australian developers coming to the Wii U eShop. The games include Q.U.B.E., So Hungry and Giana Sisters among other titles. Also… PURE CHESS.

Audiosurf Air landing in 2013

Audiosurf Air, the sequel to 2008’s rhythm-based puzzle game Audiosurf, is coming in 2013, presumably to PC. Not much has been revealed – except for a trailer, which shows off a person on a hoverboard in a first person perspective and areas of the track where you enter a third person perspective to pull off

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To the Moon prequel A Bird Story announced for Summer.

I’ve heard almost nothing but good things about To The Moon, yet I’ve never actually gotten around to playing it. People have told me it made them cry, that it’s possibly the most emotional gaming experience they’ve ever had. While I doubt any game will top what Metal Gear Solid 3 made me feel, it’s

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Japanese doujin fighter Vanguard Princess now available

I’ll confess, I’m a bit of a sucker for a good doujin (indie) fighter. Melty Blood is one of the finest 2D fighters around, and even when a doujin fighter turns out awful, they’re almost always interesting, like the hilariously stupid Les Misérables-based Arm Joe. Vanguard Princess is the latest entry into this genre, and

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Organ Trail, Surgeon Simulator and more games greenlit for Steam

A selection of popular indie titles have been Greenlit for release on Steam, including Organ Trail and Surgeon Simulator. Other games which have been greenlit are Anodyne, Evoland, Huntsman: The Orphanage, Legends of Dawn, War Thunder, Reciever, and Kingdom Rush. Source: Destructoid, Steam Greenlight