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Discussing Old Stuff, Episode 2: Looking Back at Monolith Productions

While certainly younger than some other studios we focus on, the variety of games that Monolith Productions have put out over the 19 years they’ve been around is worthy of mention. This week on Discussing Old Stuff, we talk about Blood, Captain Claw, F.E.A.R., TRON 2.0, Condemened, No One Lives Forever and more. Enjoy! Follow the hosts of D.O.S. on Twitter:

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Discussing Old Stuff, Episode 1: The Legacy of Id Software

Welcome to a brand new podcast on bossdungeon.com, D.O.S. (Discussing Old Stuff) is a podcast hosted by Tobiichi Karlsson and Tommy Walkerocious that focuses on computer gaming from the 80’s and 90’s. This first episode focuses on one of the most influential companies of computer gaming in 90’s for both action games and platformers, Id

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