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Art Hawk: Blocks of Time

Tetris is not only art, it’s the most art of all.

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Art Hawk: Chasing Sweetness

This episode is pretty sweet if you ask me.

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Art Hawk: The Artful Inhumanity

This week Art Hawk takes a look into your deep psyche as he reveals how Day Z brings out your inner inhumanity. Basically, in true Cannibal Holocaust fashion, Art Hawk asks “I wonder who the real zombies are?” once and for all.

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Art Hawk: You Are (Not) In Control

This week Art Hawk takes on Twitch Plays Pok√©mon and explains why it’s art.

Sorry for the late episode, I was sick all weekend and could not edit it in time.

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Art Hawk: Flappy Bird and Your Life

This week Artimus Hawkins teaches us about the wonderful metaphor that is Flappy Bird and how it gives a perfect view of your very own life.

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Art Hawk: Dead Rising and Journalism

It’s the first episode of Boss Dungeon’s weekly Saturday video series, Art Hawk!

This week Artimus Hawkins takes a deep look into the original Xbox 360 title Dead Rising.

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New video series, Art Hawk, starting this Weekend

Boss Dungeon collaborates with the legendary Jonathan Holmes to talk about art and videogames…

As a bird.

Starting this Saturday!

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