Street Fighter IV Receiving Yet More Characters, One Never Before Seen


So, EVO 2013 is happening right now. And a bunch of publishers are using it as a springboard for announcements regarding their games. Injustice lead Ed Boon revealed they’re planning to reveal more Injustice news (huh). Nintendo revealed they hate everyone and want none of EVO fan’s money or respect (guh). And now Capcom has announced Street Fighter IV is getting more goddamn characters, stages, and balance changes. More.

Four of the five characters have been revealed – Rolento, Elena, Hugo, and Poison. The fifth one, says Capcom, is “never before seen” (to Street Fighter, anyway), which means it’s either a brand-new character, or – more likely – a crossover from another property. Very optimistic people are fingers crossed that it’s Mega Man. Considering Capcom, it’s probably going to be just someone from another fighting game series – Screw Attack hazards a guess that it’ll probably be Scorpion. Yeah, that’s probably the way of it, eh.

The update will be available as $15 DLC on PS3, 360, and PC, and will launch sometime next year.

Update: This “new” release now has a name – Ultra Street Fighter IV. It will launch “early 2014,” both as a stand-alone title (marking the fourth home release of Street Fighter IV), and as aforementioned DLC for Super Street Fighter IV.

Source: Screw Attack, Kotaku

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