Square Enix’s Project FLARE Looking to the Clouds

Today, Square Enix revealed their work on a new cloud computing architecture, called Project FLARE.

FLARE is said to bring supercomputer-like game experiences that would include “Hollywood-quality animation running in real time to deepen the player’s immersion, uncapping AI and physics processing to realize the extremes of realism and fantasy, and video streams allowing even existing games to be enjoyed in new ways.”

An example of Project FLARE can be seen in the above Deus Ex: Human Revolution video, where the physics of hundred of boxes are handled by the architecture.

There is also an example of the technology being used with Final Fantasy XI to show an encounter from multiple party members’ perspectives.

Square Enix has already partnered with Ubisoft on the technology and is looking to team up with other developers and partners as well.

More information on the technology can be found on the Project FLARE website and also at Engadget and Polygon, two outlets who were shown the technology at a private event.

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