Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers releasing in Europe on September 20th?


Europe’s been getting a terribly raw deal when it comes to SMT games recently. They typically take forever to get here and they’re even prone to game-breaking bugs, as Ghostlight’s situation with Devil Survivor: Overclocked shows.

Well, EU SMT fans looking forward to the upcoming Soul Hackers might not have that bad of a time, a retail listing on has the game pegged as releasing in Europe on September 20th. Sure, that’s still 5 months off from the US release next week, but compared to the almost two years Overclocked took, this is wonderful. Baby steps, guys. Baby steps.

Namco Bandai is listed as the distributor, for what it’s worth. The boxart that site shows is fanmade though, so this isn’t an official confirmation by any means. Still, it’ll be nice if this turns out to be true.

Of note, the same site also has Layton VS Ace Attorney listed for October, so yeah, I honestly have no idea how true this might be. Fingers crossed.

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