Review: Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection

2014-03-11-162639Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producting Perfection (PSVita)
Developed by Idea Factory, Compile Heart and TamSoft – Published by NIS America
Release Dates: June 20th 2013 (Japan) June 3/6th 2014 (Europe/North America)

The Hyperdimension Neptunia series is one of the most unique video game worlds out there and that is because it is all about the previous generation’s console war. Instead of leagues of fans supporting a certain console, each console is now personified as an over the top woman fighting to be the number one nation. Now while every other game has been a JRPG, the series PlayStation Vita debut couldn’t be farther from the source material since Producing Perfection is an idol simulator.

For anyone who hasn’t played or even heard of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, Producing Perfection does a good job of introducing you to this world without drowning you in an abundance of information. The story mode in the game has you playing as one of the four girls producer as their start their new career as a idol. All four nations shares have taken a huge hit since the idol group MOB48 has appeared so the eternal war between these girls takes a break so that they can each try to become the best idol out there.

2014-03-11-165737At the start of the game’s story mode a message pops up telling the player to not take this seriously at all. This is partially there because this is not a canon story like the previous games, but also this message is there because the game is even aware how ridiculous it’s own story mode is. It is your job to turn one of these girls into an idol sensation over the next 120 days. Quickly it will dawn on you that beating the group MOB48 isn’t very difficult and just turns into a rivalry between the four girls.

After choose which girl you will help, it is up to you to decide how you spend every day. There are various ways for you to increase your idols skills, popularity, and even relax. It is extremely important that you manage all of these activities evenly to become the best idol there ever was. Most of these activities will be over in less than a minute, but that keeps the pace moving along at a nice pace and the only activities that take a while are the concerts.

During these concerts it is up to you to select where your idol will perform, the song, the outfit, who she will sing with, and much more. After that is all done you get to watch the performance live as you control the camera and when to set off up to three different stage gimmicks during the performance. The presentation is great and the models are very detailed. The variety in outfit customization lets you make plenty of different outfits for your idol to wear. Sadly the lack of song variety is extremely lacking with only a small handful of tracks to unlock. If you are use to playing other idol simulators this may make the replayability of this title go down a lot.

2014-03-07-145338If the small track list doesn’t bother you two much there are plenty of good reasons to keep coming back to the story mode. Each girl has an extremely personality and you will be getting to know each one every well over to 120 days the game gives you with them. You also get a lot of freedom on how you work with each girl and if you want to build any relationships with any of the characters similar to a dating simulator. Seeing all the girls stories and multiple endings for each girl will lead to hours of entertainment with an excellently written script.

The script of the story is brought to life by both the English and Japanese voice actors. Even if you are not a fan of a certain dub you can switch back and forth at your own will which is a feature many fans are sure to appreciate. While the gameplay really doesn’t take much more than patience to get to the end the different dialogue trees each week make going through the stories fly by. There are more easter eggs references to pop culture and other video game series that it always had me laughing at something. Most importantly the game never felt like a chore or grind just to get through which can often happen in games in this genre.

2014-03-10-174434Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection is easily another great title to add to anyone’s Vita, but that all depends on if you are interested in an idol simulator. With tons of different endings and a being able to customize your idols concerts, Producing Perfection nails an under-appreciated genre outside of Japan. It’s only unfortunate that there couldn’t have been more songs to choose from which would have improved the concert mode a lot more. At the very least this title will do a great job of holding over any fan fan of the series till the next Hyperdimension Neptunia game releases.

Final Score: 7/10

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Thomas Avantas


I have never been more delighted to be surprised by a review. Now I have to kick myself for not preordering for the extra goodies

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