PS Vita TV is out in Japan! Maybe not region locked, but here’s an import problem you might face

originalToday the PlayStation Vita TV released, the home-console version of Sony’s handheld that was announced a few months ago and that I want really badly.

Rumors were circulating at the time of announcement that the console would be region locked, but Sony never actually commented on the matter. Well, thanks to NeoGAF and the console being out, we now have the answer. Seemingly, the console is not region locked and US/EU profiles can be used just fine if transferred over from your handheld Vita (just use the same memory unit) but you will not be able to access the PSN Store.

Why? Well, the console is not even announced for US/EU yet, there are no servers up for those territories so it won’t find what it’s looking for. So if you were looking into getting a Vita TV solely to play your free PS Plus games and don’t have a way to obtain them through a normal Vita or through PS3/PS4 (because I think that would work?) you’ll be left unsatisfied as you just won’t get a hold of your games through the Vita TV just yet, not until it’s set up for release in US/EU.

This is how the situation is currently looking and if any details change or if any corrections are made, I’ll be updating this post. But right now, seems imports will be just fine if you’re prepared for this.

Also, trophies are working just fine.


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Gigha Rebic


What about physical game cartridges/discs (whatever it is, don’t own a vita yet but really itching for P4G)? Does anyone know if there are compatibility issues with that?

George Nicola


yes uk/us cartridges will also work with the ps vita tv that is why i am importing one, although as it stated you cannot use a uk or us psn account just yet. When it is released in other countries (maybe in 2014) you will be able to use a non Japanese psn account, the ps4 in Japan is released on 22nd February 2014, two weeks before that update 3.00 will be released and that will enable multi region psn account use, remote play, hopefully all ps vita games will be compatible by using a dualshock 4 controller. All in all, it is worth buying now and until February you’ll have to stick with game cartridges, which is fine with me. That’s why i am buying a ps4 at Christmas to keep me occupied.



Reports has it that the hardware of the Vita TV is identical to the PS Vita, except for obvious features like the front touchscreen and the one on the back, which means the games that have them as key features won’t work. Other than that, it can run any other cartridge without any problem, as the console itself isn’t region locked. Multiplayer is unsure, but should work.

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