PSA: Capsized Is Now On XBLA, Buy It You Fools


The absolutely brilliant Capsized has escaped the glorious, open plains of PC gaming, and has finally landed on the confined, closed cells of the digital console marketplace. This gorgeous, hand-painted Metroidvania puzzle-platformer-shooter is an absolutely joy, and is absolutely worthy of all the marketing Microsoft will needless to say not give it. So that’ll have to be my job, then, I guess.

Capsized is fantastic. It basically sees you landed on a hostile alien planet, with only your wits, a bunch of space guns, a versatile grappling hook, and a bonkers physics engine standing between you and your new-found foes. The PC version had some great dynamic local co-op – which is a waste on PC considering no PC gamers have any real friends, but, on console, should see it becoming a new favourite for fans of same-screen multiplayer (though online has been added, so, if you are a console owner with no friends, there you go). Certainly, the larger screen will only highlight the absurd amount of detail packed into the jaw-dropping hand-painted art assets… did I mention I love this game? I love this game, guys. This is a recommendation. In case you were wondering.

You can go buy it on XBLA right now for 800 MSP, which comes with a few extra levels gratis compared to the two-year-old original. You can also wait a while to get it on PSN, where it will launch sometime later. And, of course, nothing stopping you from buying the PC version, save for whatever hatred of fantastic games you happen to harbour. Dick.

Source: Destructoid

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