Project Zwei revealed as ‘The Evil Within’ & ‘PsychoBreak’

Master of Survival Horror Shinji Mikami (Creator of Resident Evil) has been teasing his upcoming horror-IP Project Zwei for quite some time now and today his studio, Tango Gameworks, along with Bethesda revealed the games full title and premise.

The Evil Within, known as PsychoBreak in Japan, follows a detective named Sebastian who’s investigating a murder-site with his partner. On site he witnesses the other officers being killed off one by one and eventually he loses consciousness as he’s attacked as well. He wakes up in “a world of madness” where he faces horrors such as the ones seen in the trailer above.

IGN will have a report on the first demo of the game this Monday, but for now you can enjoy the neat little Live Action Teaser above. The game gives me a very nice Dementium/Silent Hill esque vibe, and the premise sounds very Lovecraftian, so I’m as excited as I could possibly be.

But there’s no denying that The Evil Within is a really boring title, would be cool if Europe got PsychoBreak instead, but that will certainly not happen. Mikami himself commented “My team and I are committed to creating an exciting new franchise, providing fans the perfect blend of horror and action.” which I hope rings true of what the title will bring.

The Evil Within is coming to PC, 360, PS3 and “next-gen consoles” in 2014 and runs on idTech 5, the engine id Software developed and used for RAGE as well as the upcoming Doom 4.

Source: IGN

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