Popular visual novel Steins;Gate will be localized for the west

224760Heard of Steins;Gate? If you’re into visual novel’s then of course you have, it’s the self-contained visual novel that followed up Chäos;Head and eventually lead to a third entry called Robotics;Notes. Originally released on Xbox 360 in 2009, the game was later ported to PC, PSP, iOS, PS3 and Vita. The PC port was licensed by JAST USA for translation and distribution, as announced today at a panel during the third day of Anime Expo.

I’m always happy to see visual novels getting localized, I kind of wish they would have brought it over for one of the consoles or handhelds as well, but what can you do y’know? I really hope Robotics;Notes is coming next as it’s the one I personally hold the most interest in playing.

No date has been announced for Steins;Gate‘s english release as of yet.

Source: Crunchyroll

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