April Fools: Paul Walker is the new CEO of EA (April Fools Post Collection)

Paul Walker is EAs new CEOAll of today I’ve been waiting for permission to announce this. Today Electronic Arts announces Paul Walker as their successor to John Riccitiello as CEO of the company. We here at Bro Dungeon are obviously excited about this, and have a exclusive interview with Mr. Paul Walker himself that I conducted in Stockholm last week.

Tobbii Karlsson: Mr. Walker, I’m very excited to hear you’ll be heading EA through the new fiscal year.

Paul Walker: Thanks bro, call me Paul, it’s very exciting to take on something as big as this.

Tobbii: Alright, Paul it is. I see that there’s already been some changes done to the company as of today, such as the logo and perhaps more importantly, the name, care to elaborate?

Paul: Well, I felt that the current EA logo was lacking something, so I was going through old archives of things y’know. And I found this old box for John Madden’s Football, did you know John Madden was a real person?

Tobbii: Yes, I know he is.

Paul: Right on. Well, on the box was this old logo of a cube, a sphere and a pyramid. I thought it looked really cool so I decided we’re bringing it back. But rather than having it grey, like on the box beneath the slipcase, or blue as our digital databank had it, I decided to add in flames to show my burning passion for videogames. It made for something truly touching and personal.

elecbro2Tobbii: And the name?

Paul: We needed more edge, I felt that dubbing the company Elecbronic Arts was the right way to go about it y’know. I asked Vin about it and he seemed down with the idea, the initials are still EA after all.

Tobbii: Interesting. So, what will you be bringing to the industry, what are your goals with EA?

Paul: Did you play Army of Two? We’re releasing a new one this week (last week).

Tobbii: I played the second one.

Paul: Yes, that’s a very player-driven experience in a lot of ways, you have to work with your partner in co-op to overcome enemies and obstacles. I wanted to expand upon this concept and make the partnership truly matter. I’m proud to announce Medal of Honor: Warfighters, the sequel to last year’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

With Warfighters we’re introducing the new bro-op system, the entire campaign is playable with two to four people, but it’s not available as a single-player experience because you’re going to need your pals to help you out. Just like real life and real war y’know? So you’ll be dependent on your brothers in arms as you respond to the call of duty on the battlefield.

Tobbii: Nice mashup there.

Paul: What?

Tobbii: Never mind. So, I’m sure bro-op will be a neat function in action games, do you expect it to work in other areas as well?

Need-for-Speed-Undercover-head1Paul: Well of course! You know me Tobbii, I’m all about Need for Speed. Some would say I’ve lived Need for Speed my entire life, and they’d be right. As CEO of EA, I will not just introduce the bro-op system into games like Medal of Honor or Bejeweled, but also into Need for Speed. I’ve already given Criterion a green light, get it, it’s a car-joke, to develop Need for Speed: Underground with the bro-op system.

Tobbii: We’re getting a third Need for Speed: Underground game?

Paul: It’s where my heart is, and I felt it was time to take back the streets of the night, what could be better than taking on street-races with your best buddies? I know I’m playing Need for Speed World with Vin and Dwayne all the time.

Tobbii: There’s been a lot of talk about emotions and immersive experiences in gaming as of lately, what are your thoughts on that?

Paul: I know you’ll be seeing Battlefield 4 in a few hours Tobbii, trust me, when I saw some of the things in that demo. I cried a single tear. It’s strong stuff bro, truly strong stuff. There’s a scene where the sergeant gives up his chance of surviving, just to ensure the survival of his army brothers. And if that is not emotion, I don’t know what is. And I know what emotions are Tobbii, they’re feelings.

Tobbii: So, lastly, any news on Mirror’s Edge 2?

Paul: I don’t get the point of that, who would run when there’s cars? I tossed it to the side. But look forward to Dead Space Racing in 2014.

Tobbii: Thank you Paul.

Paul: Don’t mention it bro, y’know I love all of you game-peoples out there.

And that concludes my interview with Paul Walker, CEO of Elecbronic Arts.

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Thank you Bro! That old logo really means the world to players all around the streets and highways.
Dead Space Racing, reminded me of Diddy Cong Racing! So I hope it’s as much fun as it, bro like.


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