Outcast is being revived! Rejoice!

Outcast screenBack in 1999, Appeal released an action-adventure game called Outcast. It was going to get a PS2/PC sequel, but it was unfortunately cancelled before release.

Well, fans of the original game can today rejoice as Appeal has retrieved the rights to Outcast from Atari Europe and “have started the revival of the franchise and will soon announce further developments.”, ain’t that cool?

I love Outcast myself, it was one of the first games I bought on Good Old Games when I made my account there. Speaking of GOG, if you have not yet played Outcast and want to know why you should be excited, pick up the game, it’s currently only three bucks because of the Summer Sale. It’s absolutely worth it!

Now, if I am to be realistic while speculating, I have a feeling a sequel will not be the firs hing we’ll see. Appeal will probably try to remake the game and update it first, which is probably a good idea overall, I could see it being a pretty successful Kickstarter project.

Source: Destructoid

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