NIS America reaches a European publishing agreement with Atlus


As I point out in just about every single post I’ve ever written about any Atlus game, European Atlus fans have really been getting dragged through the mud recently – the worst example being the two year wait to play Devil Survivor: Overclocked, an enhanced port of a DS game that still shipped with game breaking bugs not seen in any other region’s version of the game.

It’s a situation that deserves to have been addressed years ago, and it seems like that might just have happened. Nippon Ichi Software America sat down with Siliconera and told them that they’ve reached a deal with Atlus where they’ll handle the publishing of their titles in Europe.

NIS America is one of the few publishers to handle Atlus titles well over here. Persona 4 Golden only took 3 months to get here after it released in America, and Etrian Odyssey 4 is on track for a Summer release.

NISA’s VP of European business, Takuro Yamashita, shared that, “NISA has self-published a large number of RPGs in Europe since 2009, and Atlus had a strong desire to license their titles to a company that had experience selling RPGs in Europe. So the talks between the two parties went very smoothly.”

This is excellent news, and though it’s not a sure thing for every Atlus title, it seems like that’ll be the case fairly soon.

“Currently, the games are selected on a title-by-title basis, However, NISA is very interested in establishing a long-term relationship with Atlus to secure future titles from them.”

I’m extremely happy about this, it’ll be nice to see an Atlus game announced for the US and have my reaction be more “I can’t wait to play this!’ and less “screw this, we’ll only get it in three years.”

Source: Siliconera

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