April Fools: Namco Bandai unveils the next Tales flagship game!

Next TalesAs confirmed as of last week, Namco Bandai and Tales Studio had some news to share regarding the Tales franchise, and earlier today the news were revealed in Japan for the next flagship game in the famous JRPG-series.

The game, simply titled Tales is seen as a reboot of the series set to firmly establish it’s feet in a more grounded and serious world. Set in a world inspired by modern-day politics, the main character Solfo and his sister Lipra will be fighting against a evil dictator with magical powers calling himself The Truth. The art-style depicted a modern dark and gritty than we’ve seen in prior Tales games, including the upcoming Xillia titles.

The gameplay, shown briefly, remains somewhat intact with series standard. However, back is the 3D-camera from Graces as series producer Hideo Baba explained that moving in 3D was the best way to immerse the player into the interactive experience. Namco Bandai also confirmed that the game is set for a worldwide release, removing the previous delays and doubts that tend to befall the series’ English release.

This is done by Namco providing Tales Studio with help from western developers during development, Namco CEO Shukuo Ishikawa commented that he’s happy to see this collaboration as he feels it will ensure the series a worldwide appeal.

Namco also revealed some of the cast set to provide their VA talent:
Solfo Yon – Hirkoi Touchi (JP), Kirk Thornton (EN)
Lipra Yon – Michiko Neya (JP), Laura Bailey (EN)
The Truth – Hiroshi Fujioka (JP), Paul Walker (EN)

Most interesting choice of the cast is the actor picked for The Truth of course, as Hiroshi Fujioka was previously known for his portrayal of Segata Sanshiro. Longtime Tales illustrator Daigo Okumura is not been back on board for Tales, instead opting for Junya Imoue (BTOOOM!) to provide the art. The name given to the genre this time is loosely translated as “To Revision What We Stand For RPG”.

Tales is set to release on PS4 in Q1 2014. So far pre-orders have failed to meet expectations, rumor says Shukuo Ishikawa might be stepping down as CEO.

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