Love Live! gets a Rhythm game for iOS and Android

img_4990.pngWhat’s Love Live!, you ask? Love Live! is a multimedia franchise from Japan focused on a fictional set of school idols that sing and dance a bunch. They got a anime-series earlier this year that was localized for the west and have had a lot of singles and albums released prior to that.

Well, now they’re making their way onto mobile devices and videogames with Love Live! School Idol Festival developed by KLab and releasing on iOS this Monday as well as Android devices “in the future”. No word if this will be localized, I’d say those chances are slim even if the game is specifically using the songs featured in the anime-series so licensing shouldn’t be too hard. Who knows, weirder things have happened.

The game will feature a story mode where the player works as a manager for the idol-group μ’s and help them with training and scheduling of concerts. There’s also a free-play mode for those who just want to play the songs. The gameplay sounds similar to the Ouendan series with the game focusing on having you tap circles in time to the rhythm.

And since I’ll take any opportunity to talk about my anime-habits, I will mention that I have seen the show and I really enjoyed it and my favourite of the nine idols is Rin (upper right).

Source: Anime News Network

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