Lobo Rides Into Injustice as DLC


Everyone’s favourite crazy bastich is definitely probably confirmed as the first DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among Us, reports CVG. That’s news, I think. I’m not sure. My mind is kind of going crazy with the idea that holy crap Lobo is going to be in Injustice you guys!

In case you don’t know (heretic!), Lobo is a crazy bounty hunter dude who does crazy bounty hunting! With guns, and a motorcycle, a rude ‘tude! In space! He’s a hell of a lot of fun (though his New 52 incarnation is underwhelming, alas). His inclusion in Injustice’s roster as DLC has always been rumoured (hoped?) by fans, and this should do pretty well to charm over those who had been on the fence regarding the series’ inclusion of more cult-favourite DC heroes.

So! Now Lobo’s on the cards, that $15 Season Pass is looking all the sweeter, eh? As an aside, I have been playing Injustice for the past two days and it is an incredibly fun game; full of fan service and continuity nods, it is definitely a must-play for even the mildest of DC fans. Oh, and the fighting’s alright, too. Look out for my full review up on the site sometime this week!

Source: CVG

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