Insomnia Quest Archives: Final Fantasy XIII

Here’s the first Insomnia Quest Archive. We finished up FINAL FANTASY XIII last weekend, right before the end of 2013. Here’s the 16 parts of us playing through the game on our live-stream, all in one simple playlist.

While I did not end up liking the game upon replaying it, I did have a good time and a lot of fun with the people in the chat. I’m happy I decided to replay it and I’m looking forward immensely to try out FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 this coming weekend, since I’ve never played that game before and it looks pretty neat. Our countdown to LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII is almost at its end with only one and a half month left until release. I’m stoked.

Insomnia Quest is a series in which editor-in-chief Tobiichi Karlsson spends her sleepless nights playing a lengthy video game, most often Japanese role-playing games, until she can’t take it any more and needs to lay down and rest for real.
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