Guild Wars 2 gets 8-bit content Update


You know those people that hate April Fools jokes because they think they never really deliver on anything other than a “gotcha” moment? Well apparently ArenaNet thought they’d better not do that, so when they posted their Super Adventure Box 8-bit era “April Fools” news for Guild Wars 2 they did the unthinkable: They made it an actual content update.

Super Adventure Box is yet another massive free content update for Guild Wars 2 that’ll be playable for the month of April. The 8-bit themed update will envelop much of the game with a retro visual style and 8-bit musical scores. There’s also a variety of new platforming puzzles, area’s to explore, and original events players can take part in. By the way, all of this content is already available, just run the game and your client will update.

What started as just a silly April Fools joke has turned into a massive content update for the game. ArenaNet has become very well respected in the industry for the enormous amount of free content they deliver within Guild Wars 2. This update in particular really highlights how dedicated the developer is to their creative endeavours. It’s also highly commendable that they continue to turn out all this staggering amount of content when the game has no monthly fee. If only more developers in the industry appreciated their players and fans enough to follow suit.

Also be sure check out the hilarious trailer they made for Super Adventure Box below.

Source: Guild Wars 2 blog

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