GAMEX 2013 Indie Game Spotlight: Fly or Die!


Blasting – or should we say flying onto the show floor was this indie party game by Procrastinatus. Imagine a 2D game in profile perspective, where four players come together to control an airship of their own. Imagine there was a bomb set to go off in 60 seconds. And now imagine if you could bump your ship into another ship to tag them the bomb. Sounds like a party, doesn’t it?

Fly or Die! (PC)
Developed by Procrastinatus

The gameplay is simple in theory. Gravity exists, meaning your ship will be constantly pulled towards the ground. To counter act gravity as well as to move about as you please, you can control your two thrusters by using the analogue trigger buttons of a game controller. Holding the left trigger button will activate your ship’s left thruster, which by the logic of physics turn your ship to the right. The two propellants are completely separate, meaning you have to press them both to move straight forward and can pull off some pretty wicked moves once you get used to the engine.

As the game begins, one of the four players are given the bomb. Every time an explosive-equipped ship touches another, the bomb will pass on like in a game of tag and grant the one who escaped their doom a point. After the 60 second timer runs out, whoever is still holding the most adhesive bomb turns into a burnt crisp and loses a point.


It’s easy to get cocky after witnessing the end of the first round, feeling there are no more surprises to the game. But that’s when you realise there’s multiple stages with unique (sometimes moving!) obstacles that you can use either to trap somebody and hand them your death clock, or to hide as somebody races to hand you theirs. Not all of these objects are very creative, but they all add their touch the to strategies available to you in every level.

After going through a couple of rounds, the game will crown the player with the most points as its winner. I can just imagine the glee in a group of friends on a Friday night as controllers switch hands and rivalries are forged at this moment. This game will definitely be a party trick of mine later down the line.

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