Games With Gold Is A Joke


A few months back Microsoft launched their “Games With Gold” service for Xbox Live Gold members. It was supposed to be an answer to the free games Sony gives out with Playstation Plus. It has failed miserably.

Playstation Plus provides a large number of titles, often relatively new and well known. The games are about a year old at least, but they are all big name titles that are a steal to get for free. Microsoft has been releasing 2 games per month, these games are mostly 3 years old or more, and are games you probably didn’t want in the first place.

The total comes to 11 in the last 5 months, and of those 11 games maybe 5 were major releases when they originally came out. In the year 2013, though, what is the demand for most of these games? Are you dying to finally play Halo 3 after 6 years? Was the fact you didn’t own Crackdown eating away at your psyche? Somehow I just don’t think so.

It all came to a head for me this morning when I saw World of Keflings was the first free game this month. World of Keflings. There are a grand total of zero people who want to get World of Keflings in November 2013, and Microsoft knows it. Sony has been putting up games they could likely still squeeze some money out of, but instead give them away to the people who are already paying them. Microsoft is sticking by their tried and true method of a service that provides nothing by only putting up games that they could not possibly make more money off of. On top of that, you’ll see ads for more games and DLC on the page where you download the free game. Sometimes the DLC is free, sometimes not, but the other games never are. Once the game has been free for 2 weeks it’s gone, too. PS Plus gives you 12 games at any given time, Xbox Live Gold gives you ONE. Maybe it’s an Xbone marketing thing, just giving you ONE thing that no ONE would want.

Right now you could go get Uncharted 3, Sine Mora, XCOM, Shadow of the Colossus, Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath HD, and a bunch of other games for nothing more than a PS plus subscription. For $10 more you can go to your 360 and get World of Keflings. World of Keflings.

World of Keflings.

You just have to wonder who Microsoft is trying to reach with this stuff, and what they hope to accomplish other than making themselves look pathetic?

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I must say that I completely agree. The only good games that have come out with the games with gold are AC2 and DR2, but they were popular in their time and so a lot of people have them anyway.

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