Firmware Update 1.01: Social Commentary

Pilot for our new videogame news podcast. Andrea, Adam and Emma talk about Nintendo’s response to the #Miiquality movement, Microsoft backpedaling further on Xbox One and ridicule a hopelessly fake E3 “leak”.

Hosted by Andrea Ritsu.
Co-hosted by Adam Owen and Emma Karlholm.

Firmware Update is Boss Dungeon’s weekly Videogame News podcast.
You can listen to the podcast on YouTube (above), iTunes or through our RSS feed.

2 Comments for “Firmware Update 1.01: Social Commentary”



About the Kinect thing, I actually got some ideas of things to play around with using the “Kinect for Windows” SDK, and since I was already planning to get an Xbox One (once it finally releases in the Viking lands) I’m just hoping it will still be available bundled.

Thomas Masterson


Great first episode! I am glad that you mentioned Dark Souls. More people need to play that game. Also, I still think The Finishing Move would be a great name for the Friday podcast.

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