DOOM 4 development restarted, RAGE 2 canceled

Doom 4Today is a sad day for videogames, a very-very-very sad day indeed.

Doom 4, sequel to my favourite FPS game of all time, has restarted development to aim for next-generation consoles. Turns out that the current project did not meet Bethesda and Id Software’s set standards (just like Prey 2… Hey, where is that game Bethesda?) with the direct statement saying that the development “did not go well”.

Doom 4 started development around 2007 on Id Tech 5. A reveal was teased on a annual basis, with a new logo for the series (above) being shown at Quakecon 2011. There is no current date or information on the upcoming Doom 4 project, but the original project was set to be more action than horror with the game taking place on Earth similar to Doom II: Hell on Earth.

But at least we will probably still get Doom 4, unlike the sequel to 2011’s Rage. Rage 2 have been canceled and the DLC plans have been largely downsized because of underwhelming sales of the original game, another game I really enjoyed.

Today is a sad day for videogames, at least for me. Damn, on Doom’s 20th Annversary… Can we at least get a HD release of Doom 64 to hold us over?

Source: Destructoid

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