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Deep Down will be Free-2-Play, first Beta details

PS4 exclusive Deep Down, the randomized online dungeon crawler by Capcom’s shining light Yoshinori Ono was just confirmed to be a Free-2-Play title.

Certainly a interesting development, especially seeing as the game is seen by many to be one of the bigger exclusives the PS4 has at the moment. Exactly what the deal with the game will be in regards to how much will be free is not yet known, but I’m personally hoping for something akin to Phantasy Star Online 2 where the game can be played for free without any issues what so ever, leaving the money stuff to additional content beyond the core game.

Shuhei Yoshida also informed people via twitter that the game will enter Beta close to the Japanese launch of the PS4, so there’s something to look forward to.

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  • F2p? With dark souls combat?

    PAY TO WIN, enjoy your game ps4 fanboys.

    • and you came to this article with the sole intent of insulting millions of people who choose to play a different video game console than you do…you’re such a winner bro :)

      • No i am reffering to a bunch of morons that constantly annoy us about their GLORIOUS exlusive deep down like its the second coming of jesus without having any idea wtf it is.

        Well karma is a b#tch, they got what was coming to them.

        • why not just ignore them?

          • Becasue they dont STFU nor listen to reason and arguments. It is impossible to ignore them.

          • if you can’t ignore internet comments you have some serious psychological issues

          • then you also have some serious psychological issues.

          • what does you not being able to ignore internet comments have to do with me exactly?…i am starting to believe you’re not a troll as i had first thought,but a moron….:)

          • See you keep replying and now you take it personal and you gonna start being angry and calling me names, you proving that YOU yourself cannot ignore people in the internet.

            Nice going pal. So full of yourself

          • its called a conversation….its what normal people engage in every day….i didn’t take anything personal….and i could ignore you quite easily but you’re hardly annoying me…i don’t mind talking to someone with opposing views as me unlike you who sees it as some great insult…have a nice day :)

          • “i am starting to believe you’re not a troll as i had first thought,but a moron.”

            Not an insult? So what you want to talk about today?

          • well yes i insulted you during the course of our discussion…but it was more than warranted…:)

          • It was not warranted at all, so you obviously taking this personally.

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          • pc fanboy more like it.

            But tell the great one to shove his little finger up his ass along with his obssesion with sony since this game that you once praised is a piece of f2p trash.

            Whats wrong? You were one of those morons who busted our balls about how great is deep don without even knowing wtf it was and know you are pissed? GOOD!!!

            Enjoy the butturt, enjoy the humilation and how stupid the great one…faggot, sounded and how pathetic you are.

            Karma is a bitch, enjoy your F2P trash on indiestation 4.

          • everybody knows what it is…they announced it was a randomly generated dungeon crawler a long time ago and everyone has seen the gameplay from months ago….i think you need to read up on the definition of a fan boy :)

          • and btw since you’re such a pc fan i don’t see why you keep bringing up the fact that it is f2p as why it will be bad…there are many great f2p games out there already alot of which are on pc…so yet again…..you are either trolling or a moron

          • I am pissed of the sony fantards were bashing f2p games on pc, BUT HEY now that they get hose games like planetside 2 and blacklight retrubiition and warfamre but hey now that they are on ps4, its all awesome and great. They hyped the crap out of the deep down and now its a f2p game.

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          • TL;DR

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