DC is at the New York Toy Fair, and they have videogame-related figures to show off!

injustice toys

Man, don’t you love DC Comics? …no? Oh. Nevermind, then.

But assuming you did love DC Comics, you’d probably be interested to know what they’re up to at the New York Toy Fair, which I was violently reminded was a thing just this minute so forgive me if I’m a little zoned out on this, alright? Alongside neat-ish New 52 and DC Nation reveals (look at the Aardman-style Batman and Robin. LOOK AT THEM), they’ve revealed some Injustice: Gods Among Us and Batman: Arkham City collectibles. They’re… well.

On the Arkham City side of things, there’s a very sexy Nightwing presented in a stylish greyscale-and-blue colour scheme, and a well-detailed Solomon Grundy – complete with removable guts for that authentic living, hulked-out corpse experience! On the Injustice side… there’s… hmmmm. Well. I won’t say the line isn’t impressive. There’s Green Arrow vs Deathstroke, Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy, Harley Quinn and Cyborg, and Flash. Stop me if I’m sounding insane (in this next sentence, I mean), but… they don’t look all that great.

Now, I don’t collect toys so much as I admire the collections of other people who have more disposable income than me, but even for 3.75” action figures, those things look kind of sub-par. I’m one of the few who will admit that I like the outfight redesigns in Injustice: Gods Among Us (except Harley Quinn, but then anything that’s not her skin-tight one-piece from Batman: The Animated Series is a step backwards as far as I’m concerned), and these figures do them no justice whatsoever. In fact… you might say they do them an injustice. Heh.

…no seriously, all joking aside, the Arkham City collectibles look damn fine. The Injustice ones? Not so much. Ah well. There’s always the statue that comes with the Collector’s Edition, of Batman and Wonder Woman wailing on each other. The New York Toy Fair runs until the 13th of February, so expect more announcements and images in the coming days from the actual show floor, where I… am… not. Aww.

Source: DC Comics, Comics Alliance

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