Check out this concept-art filled PSO2 Episode II teaser

We talked about it last week, here it is. The teaser for Episode II, the first full expansion for Phantasy Star Online 2 is out and it shows a bunch of 2D artwork and a beach.

Episode II, called Code:EPISODE2 by the trailer, is going to feature a new race for the series, the first one since the introduction of CASTs (Androids) in PSO1. Multiple new classes are announced (possibly what the 2D artwork in the teaser is showing) as well as multiple new planets including a beach-area shown at the end of the video.

Well, I’m excited even if we barely got to see anything! What about you guys?

SEGA also released a new patch for PSO2 today that came with new outfits and tweaks, including outfits based on the Shining and 7th Dragon series. There was recently another guest appearance of Hatsune Miku doing a performance in the game’s Hub as well.

Source Phantasy Star Channel

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