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Here’s everything FINAL FANTASY from TGS 2014

There was so much FINAL FANTASY stuff at TGS 2014 that I had to make a post devoted strictly for it.

I’m not joking. There’s just that much.

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Otakon 2014 Report Part 3 – Cosplay Gallery

Otakon 2014 was host to much wonderful cosplay. Below you’ll find a small sample of what was there.

Otakon 2014 Report Part 2 – ALTIMA Concert

ALTIMA performed live at Otakon 2014. Below are the pictures of the event.

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Otakon 2014 Report Part 1 – The Con

The Convention of the Otaku Generation

Thus is how Otakon labels itself, and rightly so.

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NärCon 2014: Cosplay Gallery

Can you identify all the cosplayers and characters? Here’s our cosplay gallery from NärCon 2014.

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Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong Report

Hong Kong’s teenage (and not so teenage) comics, animations and games fans begin queuing up to get into Ani-Com & Games Hong Kong days before the event. Inside, it’s a treasure trove of limited edition comics, figures and other collectibles from Hong Kong, Japan and farther afield.

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ANIMEnext Report – Day 3

The final day of ANIMEnext had our group running a bit ragged but we instantly perked up because the final day of the convention meant one thing…. the Luna Haruna concert!

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ANIMEnext Report – Day 2

So our adventures a ANIMEnext continued with our second day at the convention…

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ANIMEnext Report – Day 1

Some of you may not have heard of ANIMEnext, but it is high time that you did

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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 3: White Guys & Lebowski

Andrea, Adam, Tomasz, Emma, Sam and Conrad all return to the podcast for one final episode, talking about E3 as a whole and expanding previous thoughts.

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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 2: Squidporn & Sony

Andrea, Adam, Tomasz, Emma and new to BD podcasts Sam Morris talk about Sony and… Things get weird quickly. Seriously Adam… Thanks for AAA content this week. ♥

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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 1: Nintendo & Squids

Andrea, Adam and Emma talk and gush about Squids, Kirby, Yoshi and a brand new Zelda that might break some major ground. Did Nintendo finally win over some lost fans?

I guess they did.

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PSA: DOOM (4) E3 teaser, full reveal at Quakecon

The long awaited sequel to my favourite shooter of all time has its first teaser trailer. Full reveal of DOOM (No longer called DOOM 4) will happen at Quakecon 2014 in around 2 months.

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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 0: Microsoft & EA

Andrea, Adam, Tommy and Conrad Zimmerman of Sup, Holmes? and The Dismal Jesters fame gang up to discuss Microsoft’s offerings at E3 2014. And a little bit of EA.

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PlayStation Now is Sony’s gaikai service, US beta starting this month

Andrew House of Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today at CES that PlayStation Now will be going into beta later this month and have a full launch this summer.

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