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We Love Pixels! – Interview With JoyMasher’s Danilo Dias

Polly takes some time to talk to JoyMasher’s Danilo Dias about the recent Steam release of Oniken, their new game, Odallus: The Dark Call, and what it’s like being an indie developer in Brazil.

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Quitting your job to create an RPG – Interview with Disastercake’s Mike Gale about Soul Saga

A little over two weeks ago, a really cool-looking RPG called Soul Saga popped up on Kickstarter. The developer is a small company called Disastercake, lead by Mike Gale. The game recently passed $100,000 with half its’ time left, and is continuing to be a success. I sat down with Mike Gale to talk about Soul

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GAMEX 2012: Interview – Secrets of Grindea

I interview Fred Ström of Pixel Ferrets about their upcoming RPG “Secrets of Grindea”. We talk about making a classic-styled game in modern times and how tricky it can be to animate fishing.

GAMEX 2012: Interview with a Cosplayer – Kimberley Åhage

My interview with currenly Namco Bandai hired cosplayer Kimberley Åhage (Alisa in GAMEX 2012’s Cosplay Gallery Day 1), we talk about cosplays she’s done, the concerts she’s worked on as well as her future plans. Check out Kimberley’s other costumes and projects at www.kimmiko.se!