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New Super Final Battle: A Whole Lot of Zelda

New Super Final Battle is Boss Dungeon’s weekly videogame-ish podcast.

After a post-E3 break, Andrea and Emma disagree on A Link Between Worlds being the best thing since sliced bread in this Zelda filled episode (which was recorded before the new Sequelitis video came out, we swear) and then briefly talk about Summer Games Done Quick 2014.

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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 3: White Guys & Lebowski

Andrea, Adam, Tomasz, Emma, Sam and Conrad all return to the podcast for one final episode, talking about E3 as a whole and expanding previous thoughts.

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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 2: Squidporn & Sony

Andrea, Adam, Tomasz, Emma and new to BD podcasts Sam Morris talk about Sony and… Things get weird quickly. Seriously Adam… Thanks for AAA content this week. ♥

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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 1: Nintendo & Squids

Andrea, Adam and Emma talk and gush about Squids, Kirby, Yoshi and a brand new Zelda that might break some major ground. Did Nintendo finally win over some lost fans?

I guess they did.

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E3 Simulator 2014, Day 0: Microsoft & EA

Andrea, Adam, Tommy and Conrad Zimmerman of Sup, Holmes? and The Dismal Jesters fame gang up to discuss Microsoft’s offerings at E3 2014. And a little bit of EA.

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New Super Final Battle: Luigi Death Stare: Revengeance

New Super Final Battle jumps into Pre-E3 mode and… forgets to talk about E3 for half the podcast. But then we get to it and predict a bunch of stuff that probably won’t happen!

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Kickstarter Trials: Caffeine

Dylan Browne‘s Caffeine is a sci-fi horror game taking place in a 70s style future (think Alien: Isolation or Routine) and is currently being funded through Kickstarter for further development. It’s being built in Unreal Engine 4 and it’s looking pretty promising. In Kickstarter Trials, I take it upon myself to do a quick trial

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Firmware Update 1.02: Battlefield Bobbies and Rascals

It’s countdown to E3 at Boss Dungeon and as such we take a look at some pre-E3 announcements and leaks. Battlefield Hardline and Mortal Kombat X takes the spotlight, in the sense that we use those games as excuses to complain about other stuff vaguely related.

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Playing With Everyone: FINAL FANTASY VII …in Jedi Academy

Follow Aerith, Yuffie and Rude as they explore Midgar and kills another Yuffie, a Pink Chocobo only to then face the final boss… Tifa Lockhart. This is the best fan made map I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing.

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Playing With Eachother: Quake 4

We once again played a game together, this time it was Quake 4‘s Free For All multiplayer!

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New Super Final Battle: A Micromanagement Idol Simulator

Yo it’s your fighting friend, The Final Battle. We’ve been away for a while. But now we’re back to kick some butt in Wild Canyon!

… Told you that in time, a successor would come.

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Playing with Eachother: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Pilot)

Playing with Eachother is a new video Let’s Play series in which writers of Boss Dungeon and hosts of the comedy podcast PodTea’d get together and play a multiplayer game. This was a pilot where we played the Capture Point mode of Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

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Firmware Update 1.01: Social Commentary

Pilot for our new videogame news podcast. Andrea, Adam and Emma talk about Nintendo’s response to the #Miiquality movement, Microsoft backpedaling further on Xbox One and ridicule a hopelessly fake E3 “leak”.

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Art Hawk: Blocks of Time

Tetris is not only art, it’s the most art of all.

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The Final Battle: I’m Art. Suck it.

This episode is all about GDC and DAYTONAAAAA! So Let’s Go Away and Fly Sky High as we’re off to a Rolling Start in Episode 49! I’m Sorry.

This episode was uploaded a few days ago, but I did not have a chance to post it onto the sit until today.

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