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Impressions: Chaika –The Coffin Princess– AVENGING BATTLE | Episode 1

The first episode of the second series of Chaika –The Coffin Princess– is here! And it’s good!

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Square Enix’s thirteenth entry in the FINAL FANTASY series has made its way to PC for the first time ever. I took this opportunity to review the game as a whole and also talk about the company’s first console-to-PC JRPG port in years.

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Review: Chaika –The Coffin Princess– (Series 1)

You might say this review is three months late. Well, I’d argue that’s a SHOCKING TRUTH!

I’m sorry.

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Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

A new Super Smash Bros. game is upon us and it’s a battle of mixed characters and mixed quality.

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There’s something rotten in here.

It’s this game.

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Here’s everything FINAL FANTASY from TGS 2014

There was so much FINAL FANTASY stuff at TGS 2014 that I had to make a post devoted strictly for it.

I’m not joking. There’s just that much.

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It looks like FINAL FANTASY XIII’s trilogy is coming to Steam

Lightning returns to the PC!

Though it’s her first time here so she’s not really returning I guess.

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Review: Dragon Quest (Mobile)

t finally happened. After twenty-eight years the original Dragon Quest was finally released in European territories. Amazing, isn’t it? I decided it was time to don the horn-helmet once more and venture forth to take on the evil Dragonlord.

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Review: Fairy Fencer F

I remember when Compile Heart first announced Fairy Fencer F. I was positive and quite excited for the title…

I was a damn fool.

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Review: Alone in the Dark (iOS)

A curse is on Derceto, from the foundations to the very roof-top. I can no longer struggle, let alone eradicate the evil that grips the house. But I can review it.

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Eorzea Reborn: A Year Later

As FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn ends its first anniversary, Andrea takes a look back at her time spent with her Game of the Year 2014.

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Review: Fake Dates


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NärCon 2014: Cosplay Gallery

Can you identify all the cosplayers and characters? Here’s our cosplay gallery from NärCon 2014.

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Impressions: Glasslip | Episode 1

My favourite animation studio, P.A. Works, was working on a series in one of my favourite genres, slice-of-life, relating to a subject very dear to my heart, glass artistry. It sounded like a match made in heaven.

Such a shame this first episode is anything but satisfactory.

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Review: Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club | Complete Series

With the second series coming up, I figured I would dig up the original Free! and my thoughts on it to post here for those interested in maybe picking it up.

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