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Talking Simulator: I would give the French Revolution 10/10

Ubisoft is up to no good again! Who are here to stop them? Noone, but Andrea, Adam, Emma, Sam and Tommy will surely complain about it. We also talk about Sonic Adventure and Alan Wake because we’re super up to date. Also something Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Here Are Eight Sega Saturn Games (That You Can Play Elsewhere Since You Don’t Own A Sega Saturn)

The Sega Saturn is 20 years old in Japan on November 22nd 2014, so I decided to celebrate it by talking about some good Saturn games. But since you probably don’t own a Sega Saturn, I decided to focus on games that has ports to other systems.

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Talking Simulator: Horrible Skeleton Mutant Creations

Back from the dead, Andrea, Adam and Tommy hop back into podcast gear. Talking about the good old days when Activision was the easy to target super villain in videogames and game could release without being an unfinished mess.

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Impressions: Chaika –The Coffin Princess– AVENGING BATTLE | Episode 1

The first episode of the second series of Chaika –The Coffin Princess– is here! And it’s good!

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Square Enix’s thirteenth entry in the FINAL FANTASY series has made its way to PC for the first time ever. I took this opportunity to review the game as a whole and also talk about the company’s first console-to-PC JRPG port in years.

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Review: Chaika –The Coffin Princess– (Series 1)

You might say this review is three months late. Well, I’d argue that’s a SHOCKING TRUTH!

I’m sorry.

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Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

A new Super Smash Bros. game is upon us and it’s a battle of mixed characters and mixed quality.

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There’s something rotten in here.

It’s this game.

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Here’s everything FINAL FANTASY from TGS 2014

There was so much FINAL FANTASY stuff at TGS 2014 that I had to make a post devoted strictly for it.

I’m not joking. There’s just that much.

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It looks like FINAL FANTASY XIII’s trilogy is coming to Steam

Lightning returns to the PC!

Though it’s her first time here so she’s not really returning I guess.

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Review: Dragon Quest (Mobile)

t finally happened. After twenty-eight years the original Dragon Quest was finally released in European territories. Amazing, isn’t it? I decided it was time to don the horn-helmet once more and venture forth to take on the evil Dragonlord.

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Review: Fairy Fencer F

I remember when Compile Heart first announced Fairy Fencer F. I was positive and quite excited for the title…

I was a damn fool.

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Review: Alone in the Dark (iOS)

A curse is on Derceto, from the foundations to the very roof-top. I can no longer struggle, let alone eradicate the evil that grips the house. But I can review it.

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Eorzea Reborn: A Year Later

As FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn ends its first anniversary, Andrea takes a look back at her time spent with her Game of the Year 2014.

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Review: Fake Dates


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