Art Hawk: Dead Rising and Journalism

It’s the first episode of Boss Dungeon’s weekly Saturday video series, Art Hawk!

This week Artimus Hawkins takes a deep look into the original Xbox 360 title Dead Rising. When scrutinizing the deep depths of this title he finds that there’s more to it than meets the eye, like so many other stories in zombie fiction. But just what evils does Dead Rising actually represent?

Why, the evils of journalism of course! Modern journalism in its most evil form is caricatured under a thin veil in this brilliance artistic game which just so happens to also have a man in a Servbot helmet killing zombies by throwing a lawnmower. But that’s beside the point.

You can find Art Hawk every Saturday here on Boss Dungeon, talking about a different game and/or subject and just what deep levels of art hides within.

Art Hawk is written by Jonathan Holmes and visually directed and edited Tobiichi Karlsson.

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