AeternoBlade lands in Europe Q3 2013 (Details + Screens)

screen13Sidescrolling action-RPG-platformer game AerternoBlade is coming out on the Nintendo 3DS in Europe this fall as announced today by Corecell Technology. The game was funded through Indiegogo (and is still technically being funded for completion) but today got word on a publisher for both a eShop and retail release in PAL territories, however, the developer is still looking for a US publisher.

The press release follows:
“As previously mentioned in my twitter @Toptanian, we are reaching the final process of AeternoBlade and expecting to release it in Q3 on Nintendo3DS. However, we still need some money to help us complete the game then AeternoBlade will go live on Indiegogo soon.

I am happy to reveal further information regarding our upcoming games here. Let’s rewind your time with “AeternoBlade” era!”

The story of the game is centered around Freya, a female mage with time-reversal powers set out to fight the dark lord Beladim in the world Awelsia. Freya was the sole survivor of Beladim’s slaughter of her home-village of Ridgeroad and has set out for on this path of vengeance to both save the world and honor her friends and family.

The game features a time-reversal mechanic not unlike Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, this is used to both survive combat as well as solving certain puzzles. The game will span across multiple worlds out of which 7 more are to be revealed and will feature some sort of relic system for upgrades.

AeternoBlade will be released Q3 2013 for Nintendo 3DS.

Source: Press Release

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