Acttil announced Reborn, a JRPG heading to PS3 and PS4 through Kickstarter

Old_VillageHey people, it’s Tokyo Game Show. That means announcements. Newly formed publisher acttil just announced their first original videogame project that they’ll be publishing. A JRPG titled REBORN will be hitting PS3 and PS4 next year, developed by Elemental-Labs. That is, assuming they’ll be reaching their $150,000 goal on kickstarter starting next week. What is REBORN all about? Well, let’s have the press release tell us:

REBORN is a sci-fi action RPG with the real-time combat of action games and the depth of traditional RPGs, including an experience and leveling
system, progressive License Board, rare loot, and various character classes , and downloadable content (upon reaching higher stretch goals.) REBORN
follows the high energy adventures of a futuristic version of the famed Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto. The year is 2188; the people of
Japan once embraced a life of spirituality and harmony with nature, but now they’re obsessed with technology, forcing it into every aspect of their
lives, becoming willing slaves. But some see the destruction of their culture, and rebel against the modern system. As Musashi, you will travel the
streets of Neo-Tokyo, clashing with cyber-enhanced gangs and oppressive corporate overlords in your attempt to find “a better path.”

Prior to this, the people at Elemental-Labs have been working on the game for nine months straight out from the CEO’s garage, no kidding. It’s cool to see two small companies help each other out like this. There’s more details where this came from though, like the story and features of the game:

Neo-Tokyo is shrouded in lies and corruption. A massive wall stands between the wealthy and the poor as Rena Nakano, cyborg and president of
Nexus Roku Corporation, leads the country into darkness. Manufacturing augmentations for human beings, Nexus Roku promises an easier life. But
by embedding chips into their patients and buying out those who would expose them, Nexus Roku is able to alter the behavioral patterns of society
to be docile and compliant, giving Rena Nakano unrivaled power and control. Once used to seal away the Tengu Demon Sōjōbō, Rena Nakano is in
search for the ancient pearl in hopes that upon freeing Sōjōbō, he will grant her immortality as a reward. Within this societal turbulence, a handful
of unlikely heroes find themselves leading the resistance not only to Rena Nakano’s greed, but perhaps saving the world from Sōjōbō, and ultimately
death, altogether. Based on the real historical swordsman, Musashi Miyamoto leads this group through a plot teeming with deceit, violence, love,
betrayal and sacrifice against a backdrop inspired by traditional Japanese lore. Rich with philosophical themes and generous subtext, REBORN tells
a tale that asks the question, “What is freedom without free will?”

– Real-time weapon-based 3D combat emphasizing well-timed combos, special attacks, and environmental interaction.
– Extensive RPG elements: find and equip a large variety of gear, access a License Board system allowing the player to choose new skills using the
element-based Wu Xing system, and install “Augmentations” to further enhance your abilities.
– Futuristic Japan setting that blends a traditional, naturalistic feeling with advanced modern technology.
– Action-oriented story featuring an engaging, cool cast of characters and visually impressive environments.
– REBORN features four distinct gameplay pillars: Combat, Stealth, Augmentation and Social Perception.

The kickstarter will go live on sunday, so how about it? Will you be helping out acttil and Elemental-Labs? Are you looking forward to REBORN? Check back here on Sunday for the kickstarter information. Below we have 38 pieces of concept art showing of characters, enviroments, 3d models and a neat futuristic bike-chase through a forest.

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