Darkspore’s DRM Dooms it to an Undignified Death (Update)


Update: EA’s had a bit of a change of heart, as they reaffirm that, actually, no, they do still support Darkspore. The forum’s welcome message has been adjusted to include the following:

We recently resolved an issue that was causing some players to not be able to connect to the game. If you any encounter any other issues, please contact help.ea.com for customer support. We will continue to support Darkspore, so feel free to continue to discuss the game here.

I’m curious to know if the mass press coverage on the issue of “DRM killing game” forced their hand, or if they actually do still care about the game, and just needed fans to remind them? It’s still a change of mind on an issue that should have been decided long before the game’s release, so here’s hoping this is more than just their saving face.

Original article: Hey, remember Darkspore? It was that thing that I guess Maxis made before deciding it would rather stop being weird and just spin money out of its Sims brands for a while longer. Well, if you do – and you’re thinking, “oh boy, I’d like to play it right now!” Well tough luck – cos it’s dead. Like, properly, completely dead. All thanks to its always-online DRM.

It is akin to a cautionary tale from a Ghost of Gaming Future, coming to haunt us, the ignorant Ebeneezer Scrooges of the gaming world – because of Darkspore’s always-online DRM and the fact that development on the game is “abandoned,” the game’s current crop of sign-in bugs will not be fixed – even if you want to play the game’s single-player modes. “Error 73007″ and “Error 3″ are preventing all users from signing in, and, because no-one’s around to patch the server-side, those errors are not going away. No-one can play Darkspore anymore. Well, actually, that’s a lie – I guess pirates can. But people who paid money for the game cannot. Announcements on the official forums seal the game’s fate – the game is no longer developed, and the bugs will not go away. Presumably the servers will be taken offline sooner rather than later, and the game will become even more useless than it is now.

Here’s the clincher – Darkspore has been pulled from the Steam store (for obvious reasons), but it remains available for purchase from EA’s own Origin. Is that fraudulent? I’m not a lawyer, so, no comment. Is it bullshit? I’m a games blogger, so I’d know – yes. Yes it is.

Let this be a warning to you all, in case you needed another reason to despise always-online DRM in single-player titles.

Source: The Escapist, via Game Trailers

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