13 Minutes of Zelda 3DS Gameplay


I’ve gotta be honest, much as I love Link to the Past, the as-of-yet untitled outside of Japan sequel didn’t really capture my attention, and the art style was really putting me off the whole thing.

So it’s with great pleasure that I report that this video containing 13 minutes of dungeon gameplay (seen below) is looking very sharp, the new focus on vertical design appears to make the dungeons feel just a fair bit more refreshing than in previous entries, and the whole “turning into a drawing” mechanic looks pretty fun, even if the puzzles shown using it here seem just a tad basic. Hell, the art style isn’t even that bad seeing it on an actual 3DS screen.

This is direct footage from someone playing the game on a showroom floor, so there’s a little bit of screen glare, but the audio is delivered directly to you, so don’t worry about not being able to hear anything.

Zelda 3DS is due out later this year.

[Source: Tiny Cartridge]

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